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Provide Your Authority

In order for us to obtain the details of your pension, we must have your authorisation in writing. In the industry this is referred to as a Letter of Authority (LOA). This only allows us to obtain information – we cannot make any changes to your pension. 

The process is simple. You can provide us with your authorisation in four easy steps;

  1. Download our letter of authority here 
  2. Complete and sign*
  3. Upload the signed authority**
  4. Input pension and contact details into our Enquiry form below

* please ensure that you use the version of your name and the address which is held by your pension provider. If your pension is an Executive Pension the form should be printed on your company headed paper and signed by a Director of the company

**a scan of the signed LOA or if this is not possible a good clear photo may be acceptable

Upload Your Signed Authority

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