Personal Retirement Savings Accounts

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Personal Retirement Savings Account

If you are interested in taking out a PRSA to save for your retirement two key issues for you will be making sure that the product you establish is the best available and that you have the optimum investment strategy for your needs

Every adviser is required to ask you to complete a risk questionnaire however before doing that we recommend that we do a short zoom call with you where we will speak to you about the different asset classes, how investment markets work and strategies for maximising your investment return. You will benefit from doing this – it will result in a more meaningful risk profile assessment and a better outcome for you. Every client of ours who takes the time to do our investment module will tell you that it changed the way they think about investments.

Given the long term nature of retirement planning the difference between doing it right and doing it almost right can be significant.


Many pension savers have no idea what level of income their pension is likely to produce for them in retirement or how much they should be contributing. If, as we recommend, you would like to adopt a target led approach to your retirement planning, we will advise you on the amount you should be contributing in order to achieve your income objective in retirement.

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