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Review My Pension (30 second read)

Many people work in several jobs during their careers and as a result hold a number of pensions.

If you have always contributed to a pension or been a member of a company scheme, you might expect that you are on course to have sufficient income in retirement. It’s not necessarily the case however. To see how this could happen, read this post in our blog.

If you’ve read our blog post, you will have seen that designing a pension scheme can sometimes involve some smoke and mirrors. You need someone to cut through this noise and tell you if you are going to have enough.

You can never be financially free until you have made provision for your retirement. You need to adopt a target based approach. When we compile a Financial Planning report for a client the top question we are asked is;

How much do we need to contribute in order that we can retire at age X?

Since the beginning of the pandemic X has become a smaller number, as many people have realised that they don’t want to work until they drop, and if they plan ahead they may not have to.

We can help you by determining;

  1. How much income you will need to maintain your lifestyle in retirement?
  2. What size pension fund you need to accumulate to produce that income?
  3. How much you need to contribute to achieve the required pension fund?


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