Using Your Pension to Invest in Property

I want to use my pension to invest in property


Using Your Pension To Invest In Property

There are considerable advantages to using your pension to invest in property versus investing in property directly yourself.

If you purchase yourself you pay income tax on the rental income and capital gains tax on the gain in value between the date of purchase and sale. If you purchase through a pension vehicle the property is owned by your pension fund. There is no income tax on rental income and no capital gains tax on disposal (for you or your pension fund).

If you purchase a property outside of your pension fund you have to come up with your cash input from after tax income. By doing so within a pension you are using funds which you haven’t had to pay tax on.

Being able to reinvest the income from your pension without leakage in the form of income tax, PRSI and USC, means that you can grow your assets quicker. This is referred to as gross roll up and it enhances your investment return. An added benefit is that you don’t have to make income tax returns as the income accrues to the pension fund rather than to you personally.

There have been some changes to the rules recently, however it is still possible to use your pension to invest in property.


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