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Managing The Investment Of Your Pension

The vast majority of pension savers get little or no assistance from their pension provider with managing the investment of their pension. When most people are targeted by an Adviser, it is to discuss further products, rather than being to discuss management of their existing products.

This is unfortunate because if you don’t maximise your investment it costs you money. Your eventual pension will be accrued from three sources;

  • Your contributions (and possibly your employers contributions)
  • Tax relief
  • Investment growth

If you don’t maximise growth then for a given level of pension in retirement more has to come from the other two sources however the tax relief part is fixed and out of your control so the end result is that you have to contribute more.

The first step to managing risk is to determine how much risk you need to take to achieve your retirement planning objectives. This, and assessment of your available resources and attitude to risk, informs assets allocation.

Behavioural science tells us that people tend to make bad investment decisions during critical phases of their investment journey. One of the tasks carried out by a good Investment Adviser is to keep you from taking actions which although human and understandable, will damage the value of your investments.

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